iPod touch - Viewing photos and videos

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View photos and videos: Tap an album, then tap a thumbnail to see the photo or video in full

Albums you sync with iPhoto 8.0 (iLife ’09) or later, or Aperture v3.0.2 or later, can be viewed by
events or by faces. You can also view photos by location, if they were taken with a camera that
supports geotagging.


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Show or hide the controls

Tap the full-screen photo or video.

See the next or previous photo
or video

Flick left or right.

Zoom in or out

Double-tap or pinch.

Pan a photo

Drag the photo.

Play a video

Tap in the center of the screen.

View a video in full screen,
or fit to screen

Double-tap the video.

Stream a video to an HDTV

See “AirPlay” on page 30.

Edit photos or trim videos

See “Editing photos” or “Trimming videos” on page 53.