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With Photo Stream—a feature of iCloud—photos you take on iPod touch are automatically
uploaded to iCloud and pushed to all your other devices that have Photo Stream enabled. Photos
uploaded to iCloud from your other devices and computers are also pushed to your Photo Stream
album on iPod touch. See “iCloud” on page 16.
Turn on Photo Stream: Go to Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream.

New photos you’ve taken are uploaded to your Photo Stream when you leave the Camera app
and iPod touch is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Any other photos added to your Camera
Roll—including photos downloaded from email and text messages, images saved from web
pages, and screenshots—are also uploaded to your Photo Stream and pushed to your other
devices. Photo Stream can share up to 1000 of your most recent photos across your iOS devices.
Your computers can keep all your Photo Stream photos permanently.

Save photos to iPod touch from
Photo Stream

In your Photo Stream album, tap

, select the photos you want to save,

then tap Save.

Delete a photo from iCloud

In your Photo Stream album, select the photo, then tap .

Delete multiple photos from iCloud In your Photo Stream album, tap

, select the photos you want to delete,

then tap Delete.

Note: To delete photos from Photo Stream, you need iOS 5.1 or later on iPod touch and all of your
other iOS devices. See support.apple.com/kb/HT4486.

Although deleted photos are removed from the Photo Stream on your devices, the original
remains in the Camera Roll album on the device the photo originated from.


Chapter 8


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Viewing photos and videos

Photos lets you view photos and videos on iPod touch, in your:

Camera Roll album—photos and videos you take with the built-in camera, or save from an


email, text message, or webpage
Photo Stream album—photos streamed from iCloud (see “


Photo Stream” on page 54)

Photo Library and other albums synced from your computer (see “


Syncing with iTunes” on

page 17)

Note: Camera and video features are available only on iPod touch 4th generation. On iPod touch
3rd generation or earlier, the Camera Roll album is named Saved Photos.

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