iPod touch - Making a FaceTime call

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Making a FaceTime call

To make a FaceTime call, choose someone from your contacts, favorites, or list of recent calls.

When you open FaceTime, you may be prompted to sign in using your Apple ID, or to create a
new account.

Tap to make a

FaceTime call.

Call a contact: Tap Contacts, choose a name, then tap FaceTime. If you don’t see the FaceTime
button, make sure FaceTime is turned on. Go to Settings > FaceTime.

Call using Voice Control

Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and
you hear a beep. Then say “FaceTime,” followed by the name of the person
you want to call.

Restart a recent call

Tap Recents, then choose a name or number.

Call a favorite

Tap Favorites, then tap a name in the list.

Add a contact

Tap Contacts, tap , then enter the person’s name and their email address
or phone number that they use for FaceTime.
For a contact outside your region, be sure to enter the complete number,
including country code and area code.

Set options for FaceTime

Go to Settings > FaceTime.