iPod touch - Additional audio controls

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Additional audio controls

To display additional controls, tap the album artwork on the Now Playing screen. You can see
elapsed time, remaining time, and the song number. The song’s lyrics also appear, if you’ve added
them to the song in iTunes.


Ping like

Scrubber bar



Ping post


Repeat songs

Tap .

= Repeat all songs in the album or list.
= Repeat the current song only.
= No repeat.

Shuffle songs

Tap .

= Shuffle songs.
= Play songs in order.

Skip to any point in a song

Drag the playhead along the scrubber bar. Slide your finger down to slow
down the scrub rate.

Make a Genius playlist

Tap . See “Genius” on page 40.

Use Ping

See “Following artists and friends” on page 95.