iPod touch - Twitter

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Sign in to (or create) a Twitter account: Go to Settings > Twitter and enter the user name and
password for an existing account, or tap Create New Account.

To add another account, tap Add Account.

In Camera or Photos,

tap the Action button

to tweet a photo.

Tweet a photo.

Tweet a photo, video, or webpage

View the item, tap

, then tap Tweet. If

isn’t showing, tap the screen.

To include your location, tap Add Location. Location services must be
turned on in Settings > Location Services.

Tweet a location in Maps

Tap the location pin, tap

, tap Share Location, then tap Tweet.

Add your current location to
a Tweet

Tap Add Location . Location Services must be turned on in Settings >
Location Services.

Add Twitter user names and
photos to your contacts

Go to Settings > Twitter, then tap Update Contacts.

Turn Twitter on or off for Photos
or Safari

Go to Settings > Twitter.

When you’re writing a Tweet, the number in the lower-right corner of the Tweet screen shows the
number of available characters remaining. Attachments use some of a Tweet’s 140 characters.

You can install and use the Twitter app to post a Tweet, view your timeline, search for trending
topics, and more. Go to Settings > Twitter, then tap Install. To learn how to use the Twitter app,
open the app, tap the More button (…), tap “Accounts & Settings,” tap Settings, then tap Manual.