iPod touch - Adding and editing contacts

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Adding and editing contacts

Add a contact on iPod touch: Tap Contacts and tap . If isn’t visible, make sure you’re not
viewing an LDAP, CalDAV, or GAL contacts list; you can’t add contacts to those.
Edit contact information: Choose a contact, then tap Edit.

Add a new field


Add Field.

Change a field label

Tap the label and choose a different one. To add a new label, scroll to the
bottom of the list and tap Add Custom Label.

Add a contact’s Twitter user name


Add Field, then tap Twitter.

Change the ringtone or text tone
for the contact

Tap the ringtone or text tone field, then choose a new sound. The default
sound is set in Settings > Sounds.

Delete an item


, then tap Delete.

Assign a photo to a contact

Tap Add Photo, or tap the existing photo. You can take a photo with the
camera or use an existing photo.
To import photos from your contacts’ Twitter profiles, go to Settings >
Twitter. Sign in to your Twitter account, then tap Update Contacts.

Delete a contact

In Contacts, choose a contact, than tap Edit. Scroll down and tap
Delete Contact.


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