iPod touch - Purchasing or renting videos

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Purchasing or renting videos

The iTunes Store lets you purchase and download movies, TV shows, and music videos (may not
be available in all areas). Some movies can also be rented for a limited time. Video content may be
available in standard-definition (SD, or 480p) format, high-definition (HD, or 720p) format, or both.
Purchase or rent a video: Tap Buy or Rent.

Once you purchase an item, it begins downloading and appears on the Downloads screen. See
“Checking download status” on page 96.

Preview a video

Tap Preview.

View the preview on a TV with
AirPlay and Apple TV

When the preview starts, tap

and choose Apple TV. See “AirPlay” on

page 30.

Note: If you purchase HD video on iPod touch, the video is downloaded in SD format.


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