iPod touch - Purchasing music, audiobooks, and tones

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Purchasing music, audiobooks, and tones

When you find a song, album, alert tone, or audiobook you like in the iTunes Store, you can
purchase and download it. You can preview an item before you purchase it to make sure it’s what
you want.
Preview an item: Tap the item and follow the onscreen instructions.

Redeem a gift card or code

Tap Music (tap More first, if Music isn’t visible), then tap Redeem at
the bottom of the screen and follow the onscreen instructions. While
you’re signed in, your remaining store credit appears with your Apple ID
information at the bottom of most iTunes Store screens.

Complete an album

While viewing any album, tap the discounted price for the remaining songs
below Complete My Album (not available in all areas). To see offers for
completing other albums, tap Music, then tap Complete My Album Offers.

Download a previous purchase

Tap Purchased.
You can also download an item while browsing; just tap Download where
you usually see the price.

Automatically download
purchases made on other
iOS devices and computers

In Settings, choose Store, then turn on the kinds of purchases you want to
automatically download.