iPod touch - Recording

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Voice Memos lets you use iPod touch as a portable recording device using the built-in
microphone, iPod touch or Bluetooth headset mic, or supported external microphone.
Recordings using the built-in microphone are mono, but you can record stereo using an
external stereo microphone.

Note: External microphones must be designed to work with the iPod touch headset jack or Dock
Connector. Look for accessories marked with the Apple “Made for iPod” or “Works with iPod” logo.

Start, pause, or stop recording.

Recording level

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Make a recording: Tap or press the center button on the iPod touch earphones. Tap to pause
or to stop recording, or press the center button on the iPod touch earphones.

Adjust the recording level

Move the microphone closer to or further away from what you’re recording.
For better recording quality, the loudest level on the level meter should be
between –3 dB and 0 dB.

Play or mute the start/stop tone

Use the iPod touch volume buttons to turn the volume all the way down.

Use another app while recording

Press the Home button and open an app. To return to Voice Memos,
tap the red bar at the top of the screen.