iPod touch - iCloud

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Note: iCloud is not available in all areas. For information, go to www.apple.com/icloud.
Sign in or create an iCloud account: In Settings, tap iCloud.

Enable or disable iCloud services

Go to Settings > iCloud.

Enable iCloud backups

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

Find your iPod touch

Visit www.icloud.com. Find My iPod must be turned on in Settings > iCloud.

Purchase additional iCloud storage Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and tap Manage Storage. For

information about purchasing iCloud storage, go to help.apple.com/icloud.


Chapter 2

Getting Started

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View and download previous
iTunes Store purchases

Go to iTunes and tap Purchased.

View and download previous
App Store purchases

Go to App Store, tap Updates, then tap Purchased.

View and download previous
iBookstore purchases

Go to iBooks, tap Store, then tap Purchased.

Turn on Automatic Downloads
for music, apps, or books

Go to Settings > Store.

For more information about iCloud, go to www.apple.com/icloud. For support, go to