iPod touch - Getting weather information

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Getting weather information

Tap Weather on the Home screen to get the current temperature and six-day forecast for one
or more cities around the world. To use Weather, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that’s
connected to the Internet. See “Connecting to the Internet” on page 14.

Current conditions

Add or delete cities.

Current temperature

Six-day forecast

See hourly forecast.

Number of cities stored

If the weather board is light blue, it’s daytime in that city. If the board is dark purple, it’s nighttime.
Add a city: Tap , then tap . Enter a city or zip code, then tap Search.

Switch to another city

Flick left or right.

Reorder cities

Tap , then drag up or down.

Delete a city

Tap and tap

, then tap Delete.

Display the temperature in
Fahrenheit or Celsius

Tap , then tap °F or °C.

Use iCloud to push your list of
cities to your other iOS devices

Go to Setting > iCloud > Document & Data, then turn on Documents & Data
(it’s on by default). See “iCloud” on page 16.

See information about a city
at Yahoo.com




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