iPod touch - Getting directions

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Getting directions

Get directions:


Tap Directions.


Enter starting and ending locations.


in either field to choose a location in Bookmarks (including your current location or the

dropped pin), a recent location, or a contact. If

isn’t visible, tap to delete the contents of the



Tap Route, then select directions for driving ( ), public transit ( ), or walking ( ).


Do one of the following:


To view directions one step at a time, tap Start, then tap to see the next leg of the trip.


To view all the directions in a list, tap , then tap List.
Tap any item in the list to see a map showing that leg of the trip. Tap Route Overview to return
to the overview screen.


If multiple routes appear, choose the one you want to use.


Chapter 18


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If you’re taking public transit, tap to set your departure or arrival time, and to choose a
schedule for the trip. Tap the icon at a stop to see the departure time for that bus or train, and to
get a link to the transit provider’s website or contact info.

Get directions from a location
on the map

Tap the pin, tap

, then tap Directions To Here or Directions From Here.

Bookmark a location

Tap "Add to Bookmarks.”