iPod touch - Viewing stock quotes

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Viewing stock quotes

Stocks lets you see the latest available quotes for your selected stocks, funds, and indexes. To use
Stocks, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that’s connected to the Internet. See “Connecting to
the Internet” on page 14.

Quotes may be delayed up to 20 minutes or more, depending upon the reporting service.
Add a stock, fund, or index to the stock reader: Tap , then tap . Enter a symbol, company
name, fund name, or index, then tap Search.
Show the change in value of a stock, fund, or index over time: Tap the stock, fund, or index in
your list, then tap 1d, 1w, 1m, 3m, 6m, 1y, or 2y.
When you view a chart in landscape orientation, you can touch the chart to display the value for a
specific point in time.

Use two fingers to see the change in value over a specific period of time.

You can also view your stock ticker in Notification Center. See “Notifications” on page 29.


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Delete a stock

Tap and tap

next to a stock, then tap Delete.

Change the order of the list

Tap . Then drag next to a stock or index to a new place in the list.

Switch the view to percentage
change, price change, or market

Tap any of the values along the right side of the screen. Tap again to switch
to another view.

Use iCloud to keep your stock list
up to date on your iOS devices

Go to Setting > iCloud > Document & Data, then turn on Documents &
Data (it’s on by default). See “iCloud” on page 16.