iPod touch - Playing videos

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Playing videos

Watch a video: Tap any video as you browse. Playback starts when enough of the video is
downloaded to iPod touch. The shaded portion of the scrubber bar shows download progress.

Tap the video

to show or

hide the


Watch on a

TV with

Apple TV.

Drag to skip

forward or back.

Download progress

Add the video to your

YouTube Favorites.

Drag to adjust 
the volume.

Pause or resume playback

Tap or . You can also press the center button on the iPod touch

Start again from the beginning

Tap while the video is playing. If you’ve watched less than five seconds
of the video, you’ll skip instead to the previous video in the list.

Scan back or forward

Touch and hold or .

Skip to any point

Drag the playhead along the scrubber bar.

Skip to the next or previous video
in a list

Tap to skip to the next video. Tap twice to skip to the previous video.
If you’ve watched less than five seconds of the video, tap only once.

Switch between fill screen and
fit screen

Double-tap the video while watching. You can also tap

to make the

video fill the screen, or tap

to make it fit the screen.

Watch YouTube on a TV

Connect iPod touch to your TV or AV receiver using AirPlay or a cable.
See “Watching videos on a TV” on page 44.

Stop watching a video

Tap Done.