iPod touch - Keeping track of videos you like

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Keeping track of videos you like

Add a video to your list of favorites or to a playlist: Tap next to a video to see buttons for
adding the video to a list.

Add a video to Favorites

Tap “Add to Favorites.” If you’re watching the video, tap


Add a video to a playlist

Tap “Add to Playlist” on the video information screen, then tap an existing
playlist or tap to create a new playlist.

Delete a favorite

Tap Favorites, tap Edit, and then tap

next to the video.

Delete a video from a playlist

Tap Playlists, tap the playlist, tap Edit, then tap


Delete an entire playlist

Tap Playlists, tap Edit, then tap


Subscribe to an account


next to the current video (above the Related Videos list). Then tap

More Videos, scroll to the bottom of the list, and tap “Subscribe to account.”

Unsubscribe from an account

Tap Subscriptions (tap More first if you don’t see it), tap an account in the
list, then tap Unsubscribe.


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