iPod touch - Viewing webpages

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Viewing webpages

Search the web and

the current page.

Flick through open

webpages or open a

new page.

Double-tap an item or

pinch to zoom in or out.

Enter a web address (URL).

Add a bookmark, add to the Reading List,

add an icon to the Home screen, or share

or print the page.

Tap the status bar to quickly scroll to the top.

View your bookmarks or Reading List.

View a webpage: Tap the address field (in the title bar) to bring up the keyboard. Type the web
address, then tap Go.
If the address field isn’t visible, tap the status bar to quickly scroll to the top.

You can view webpages in portrait or landscape orientation.

Erase the text in the address field

Tap .

Scroll around a webpage

Drag up, down, or sideways.

Scroll within a frame on a webpage Scroll with two fingers inside the frame.

Open a new page

Tap , then tap New Page. You can have up to eight pages open at a time.
A number inside indicates the number of open pages.


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Go to another page

Tap , flick left or right, then tap the page.

Stop a webpage from loading

Tap .

Reload a webpage

Tap in the address field.

Close a page

Tap , then tap

by the page.

Protect private information and
block some websites from tracking
your behavior

Go to Settings > Safari and turn on Private Browsing.

Set options for Safari

Go to Settings > Safari.