iPod touch - Checking and reading email

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Checking and reading email

In Mail, the Mailboxes screen provides quick access to all your inboxes and other mailboxes.

When you open a mailbox, Mail retrieves and displays the most recent messages. You can set the
number of messages retrieved, in Mail settings. See “Mail accounts and settings” on page 64.

Unread messages

Number of  
messages in 

Organize messages by thread

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn Organize By Thread
on or off.
If you organize messages by thread, related messages appear as a single
entry in the mailbox.

Check for new messages

Choose a mailbox, or tap at any time.

Load more messages

Scroll to the bottom of the list of messages and tap Load More Messages.

Zoom in on part of a message

Double-tap an area of the message. Double-tap again to zoom out. Or
pinch apart or together to zoom in or out.


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Resize a column of text to fit
the screen

Double-tap the text.

See all the recipients of a message

Tap Details. Tap a name or email address to see the recipient’s contact
information. Then tap a phone number or email address to contact
the person.

Add an email recipient to your
contacts list

Tap the message and, if necessary, tap Details to see the recipients. Then
tap a name or email address and tap Create New Contact or “Add to
Existing Contact.”

Flag or mark a message as unread

Open the message and, if necessary, tap Details. Then tap Mark.
To mark multiple messages as unread, see “Organizing mail” on page 64.

Open a meeting invitation

Tap the invitation. See “Responding to invitations” on page 74.