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About Game Center

Discover new games and share your game experiences with friends around the world in Game
Center (iPod touch 3rd generation or later). Invite friends to play, or use auto-match to find other
worthy opponents. Earn bonus points by achieving specific accomplishments in a game, see what
your friends have achieved, and check leaderboards to see who the best players are.

Note: Game Center may not be available in all areas, and game availability may vary.

To use Game Center, you need an Internet connection and an Apple ID. You can use the same
Apple ID you use for iCloud or Store purchases, or create a new one if you want a separate
Apple ID for gaming, as described below.

See who’s the best.

Respond to friend


See a list of game goals.

Play the game.

Find someone to

play against.

Choose a game to play.

Invite friends to play.

Declare your status, change
your photo, or sign out.